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The Free Congress Foundation is now the American Opportunity Foundation (a 501 c3 non-profit) and its members believe that the American economy has been the engine driving both freedom and prosperity in the world since 1945. We firmly believe that American prosperity must exist so that our national security can protect our country.
For many years we have been focused on two goals: First, the recreation of a robust American economy. This will result in the rapid creation of jobs, far faster than job losses, propelled by the reform of business-stifling regulations and tax laws. We believe that economic opportunity can be encouraged, even “hot housed,” so that growth will offer more career and job opportunities for more Americans, higher wages and the creation of more wealth.  
Second, the American Opportunity Foundation is focused on developing and advocating a new approach to American foreign policy that rejects unwise military intervention that is not designed to protect or achieve vital national security interests. 
The American Opportunity Foundation, and its predecessor, the Free Congress Foundation, Freecongress.org, has worked for decades to shape the discussions around American society, and to offer conservative solutions that promise real prosperity, national security, and American values.  Since the “Great Recession” of 2007-2010, economic growth has slowed.  The result has been job insecurity, low wages, and fewer opportunities, especially for graduating students seeking new careers.
For many years the American left has exercised policies that have prevented economic growth.  The objective of American policy for too long has been on overcoming “income inequality” ignoring the need for wealth creation.  The use of governmental force, primarily through tax law and regulations to influence and dictate American economic behavior, is making society poorer. Socialism, or any of its variants, does not work,  has never worked, and never will work.  
We assert that American foreign policy over the past twenty-five years has not made us safer. It has not led to the triumph of American values and has squandered billions and perhaps trillions of taxpayer money, as well as American lives.  Whether our policy is liberal internationalism, neo-conservative interventionism, or new isolationism, none of these policies have worked. It is time for the new thinking in American foreign policy which we offer.  

For more information email GilmoreAmbassador@gmail.com.
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