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American Opportunity is dedicated to an America that is growing, dynamic, exciting, optimistic and providing a path for achievement for all Americans.

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The Free Congress Foundation is now the American Opportunity Foundation and its members believe that the American economy has been the engine driving both freedom and prosperity in the world since 1945. We firmly believe that American prosperity must exist so that our national security can protect our country.
We are focused on two goals: First, the recreation of a robust American economy. This will result in the rapid creation of jobs, far faster than job losses, propelled by reform of business-stifling  regulations and tax laws. We believe that economic opportunity can be  encouraged, even “hot housed,” so that growth will offer more career and job opportunities for more Americans, higher wages and the creation of more wealth.  
Second, the American Opportunity Foundation is focused on developing and advocating a new approach to American foreign policy that rejects unwise military intervention that is not designed to protect or achieve vital national security interests.  We also reject the new “isolationism” that during the Obama years has displayed a passivity that has encouraged the rise of powers hostile to our way of life, to our civilization, to our freedom and our economic prosperity.  Learn More
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