Good news as the U.S. Senate moves the floor debate up to this Friday, as the votes appear to be in favor of passage.
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A/O Global Intelligence Weekly: Tax Reform Debate Pushed To FRIDAY
Excellent news from the United States Senate as the debate on Trump's tax reform package is scheduled for this Friday according to The Hill.

With the news that both Senators Paul and McCain will support the bill, it is expected that the tax bill will pass the Senate -- potentially as early as this weekend.   Leaders from the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate will then meet to iron out the differences in conference committee, produce a final tax reform for passage, and to be sent to the President's desk for signature.  

At American Opportunity, we take the position that tax reform is essential to foster economic growth in the United States. We at AO/Free Congress have been proposing pro-growth tax reform since 2010 through our Growth Code -- an aggressive schematic to get the American economy back on track.

In our view, this debate comes down to a vision of the future in the U.S.  The political left in America is violently opposed to any tax reform.

Their message of "It's a tax cut for the rich" is still out there but is quickly being replaced by an assertion that the bill will lead to higher deficits.  They know that deficits are a hot-button issue for conservatives, and this oppositional and do-nothing message is their best hope of peeling off Republican votes. 

Today, however, Senator Ronald Johnson of Wisconsin has agreed to vote for the reform bill.  

The policy point of AO is that it is essential to growing the American economy, which has been stagnant.  African-Americans are unemployed, young graduates are not finding the quality in their careers, labor participation is at an all-time low -- all because people can't find jobs that justify the time they must put into the work.  

Practically, this debate over whether the best way to meet the challenges of the future is through economic growth.  We simply cannot run a welfare state and provide for national security and education with a flatlined economy.  The left's only answer is to increase Medicaid amidst an economy of scarcity, which will drive us deeper into the deficit spending hole. 

Only economic growth will provide the revenue to meet the demands of our government, and the quality of life for all Americans.

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Yesterday, the North Koreans launched a  missile that may be able to threaten most of the United States, if not with a direct nuclear attack then certainly with an electromagnetic pulse strike (EMP) that would knock out most of the U.S. electrical grid and result in a total collapse of our industrial infrastructure.  

President Trump seems to be following a policy of economic pressure to persuade the North Koreans that the missile program is not worth it.  How poor do the people of North Korea have to get before they will rebel against this hide bound communist throwback?

Of course, with the Russian government increasing their exports to the North Koreans by over 70% from the previous year, it is clear that this is a thorn that America's enemies do not want easily removed. 

Economic pressure is one means of making our displeasure clear, but the Trump administration must weigh the scales in such a way that results in the least amount of destabilization in the region.  There is no surgical strike that will bring the North Koreans to reason -- only a calm but firm diplomatic stance will serve American interests (and our allies) in the region.

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