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A/O Global Intelligence Weekly: Is Tax Reform On The Ropes?


As supporters and readers of our newsletter, we want to make you aware of new regulations propounded by the Obama Administration that overregulate independent trucking companies. 

The new regulation, set to take effect right before Christmas, require that truckers install an electronic logging system that regulates how long trucks can be operated.  The regulations effectively places a stop-watch on truck drivers, preventing them from deliveries and driving right before the Christmas holidays.  

We at American Opportunity also seek safe driving practices, but these regulations put small and independent truckers at a tremendous disadvantage to big trucking firms.  Electronic logging device monitors the driver specifically, and won't allow any flexibility on either driving or delivery.  While work efficiency and safety go hand in hand, these regulations are far too rigid and disruptive on the free enterprise of small and independent truckers. 

We want to make our readers aware of this emerging issue, as it will most certainly have an impact of the Christmas holiday season.


In other news this week, news the Republican-led Congress may not get around to a final draft of Trump's proposed tax reform before Christmas is dismal news indeed.  For conservatives, we cannot repeat this nor pound the table hard enough -- Americans desperately need and are demanding comprehensive tax reform across the board.  Without it, we are dooming future generations to Obama-like anemic growth and the economies of scarcity that social democracies inevitably bring.

Thankfully there is some progress, as House Ways & Means Committee passed Trump's tax reform package to the full House floor on a 24-16 vote this afternoon, thus clearing the path for the true hurdle: the United States Senate.  This should ideally pave the way for a full vote on the House floor either Monday or Tuesday, after which we will see some of the real details of a plan that will inevitably be altered by the Senate. 

Yet there are a tremendous peril surrounding Trump's tax reform effort -- both from enemies as well as friends.  After rescuing the narrative from the Democrats who are desperately trying to pit middle class Americans against working class Americans, voices within the Republican Party are once again falling into the messaging trap of talking about middle class tax relief -- and approach that lacks the vision and intensity of the reform Americans want. 

What they these voices are communicating to Main Street folks is that they are delivering a tax cut to the middle class -- positives for one person; negatives for another.  In essence, if this tax bill becomes something for a fraction of all Americans rather than resetting the rules to the advantage of all Americans, or worse shifts from becoming a reform package that delivers tax relief and into the typical spending bill that reshuffles the deck and rearranges the deck chairs on the Titanic?  Republicans will not only be unable to pass the tax reform package we all seek, but the punishment in 2018 will be deserved and total.

This parsing of language and backing away from bold reform is music to the ears of the political left who are not only uncooperative but relentless in their hopes and schemes that President Trump's first two years in office be as ineffective as possible.  They are relentlessly against tax reform because they want to keep things the way they are.  Slow growth policies is what they want, because slow growth policies fit into their narrative where economic independence is a myth and social dependency is encouraged -- leaving the government as the co-provider of goods and services.  

Of course, Republican leadership has not finished working this bill yet.  Every hour presents a new bill because they are moving around what they want in order to pass this.  Yet what is most important is to ensure that we hold fast to the vision of comprehensive tax reform -- not to pick winners and losers or get points on the board, but grow the economy.  

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On foreign policy, President Donald Trump has made a whirlwind tour of Asia in an effort to bolster our allies in the face of the threat from North Korea.  Trump's speech before the Korean National Assembly was yet again another masterful speech from the president that reflected the very best of American sentiment and diplomatic reason.  The entire speech is worth watching or listening to in the background:

"All responsible nations must join forces to isolate the brutal regime of North Korea — to deny it any form of support, supply or acceptance.  The longer we wait, the greater the danger grows, and the fewer the options become.”
-- President Donald Trump, speech before the Korean National Assembly
November 7th, 2017
Trump's admonishment and the message he is communicating is very simple.  Either North Korea slows down or stops its nuclear testing and creates the environment where all parties can come to the table, or watch as the options narrow down to strictly military options -- an option the West certainly does not want to employ. 

Yet if the North Korean government continues to raise the stakes, the North Koreans continue to impoverish their nation as they maximize their force projection in order to hold Asia hostage for increased economic aid.  How much longer our South Korea and Japanese allies will be willing to sit idling  as the North Koreans continue to escalate remains to be seen.

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