U.S. economy posts back-to-back 3% GDP growth for the first time in three years, a botched detonation kills 200 at North Korean nuclear weapon site... and MORE!
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A/O Global Intelligence Weekly: U.S. Economy Roars Back To Life; North Korea Nuke Test Goes Wrong
Last week, we mentioned that the national conversation had to shift back towards comprehensive tax reform rather than a "balkanized" version direct at solely middle or working class relief.  Just to give you an example as to how influential our narrative really is in Washington, one has noted a definite change of tone thanks to American Opportunity and our constellation of like-minded policy makers.  

This brings us to this week's outstanding news, as the U.S. economy has roared back to life in a big way: This last number -- new auto sales -- is a core key indicator of economic strength, as it reflects the confidence of the American worker in taking on a new car payment vs. paying for a used car to tide the family over.  

All of these numbers point towards both investor and consumer confidence in a Trump-led U.S. economy, and much of that confidence is surrounding the U.S. Congress who has one core mission -- pass comprehensive tax reform.

As we have mentioned in previous newsletters, economic growth has to be maintained at 3.2% just to recover from the twin effects of inflation and population growth.  At a bare minimum, if we are not meeting 3.3% GDP growth, the American economy will be in relative decline.  This is the sole reason why the American Opportunity Growth Code was drafted -- to give working class Americans a fighting chance and the U.S. economy the infrastructure it requires to lead this nation into the 21st century with a strong, vibrant middle class capable of passing forward a better America than the one we inherited.  

Early signs of optimism from the U.S. economy are entirely undergirded by the hope and promise of comprehensive tax reform.  Let's not waste this golden moment.

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In North Korea, there are fears of over 200 dead at the Punggye-ri test site and concerns from South Korea and Japan that radiation could be emenating from the site itself.  The mountain where North Korea has been conducting the vast majority of its nuclear weapons testing has been experiencing strain over the last few weeks from repeated detonations and tunnelling.

This news comes just after the North Koreans held a notable exercise on its eastern shoreline this week, demonstrating that the North Korean armed forces -- while not in a position of military readiness -- are ignoring calls from the United States to defuse the rhetoric and suspend both their nuclear weapons and missile delivery programs.  

Despite earlier complaints that both China and Russia were demonstrating intransigence over the North Korean dilemma, there are increasing signs of a thaw -- namely that the Chinese government has come to a detente with South Korea over the deployment of a US-based THAAD theater missile defense system.  Formerly, the Chinese government had imposed a series of sanctions on South Korea for destabilizing the status quo on the peninsula, with THAAD having the ability to scan Chinese airspace for potential threats.  

Such conditions, while delicate for U.S. policy makers, show increasing signs that both Tillerson and Mattis are doing a remarkable job of coalescing opinions and isolating the North Korean regime.  President Trump will be making a tour of Asia later next week in an effort to shore up both American economic interests as well as demonstrate the commitment of the United States to nuclear non-proliferation in the region.

Our takeaways at this point are rather consistent with previous observations.  North Korea's military is neither adopting an offensive posture nor are they showing any signs of decreasing their rhetoric or suspending their nuclear weapons program.  Thus far, the American response has been measured and comprehensive, including all regional actors towards a condition in Asia that is stable, lasting and firm.

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