How does the Trump tax plan stack up against the Growth Code? Plus new GDP numbers, concerns about drug trafficking as a national security issue... and MORE!
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A/O Global Intelligence Weekly: Trump Tax Plan Unveiled, GDP Growth Revised To 3.1%
Bold tax reform is what the American people were expecting.  Bold tax reform is precisely what the Trump administration delivered this week.

Adam Michel over at the Heritage Foundation lauds the tax reform schematic as a necessary and bold first step.  While there are certain aspects of American Opportunity's Growth Code that are missing from the Trump tax plan, the spirit of the agenda is certainly within.  

Growth Code vs. Trump Tax Reform Package
Growth Code Trump Tax Reform
Tax rates of 10%, 15% and 25% on individual income as currently defined under the IRC. Tax Rates of 35%, 25%, and 12% on individual income as currently defined under the IRC.
15% corporate tax. 20% corporate tax.
Immediate expensing of capital equipment. Expensing of capital equipment over 5 years.
Elimination of the abhorrent practice of double taxation. Considers ending the practice of double taxation.
Any household living in poverty will receive a family tax credit of $4,300. Eliminates income taxes for anyone earning under $12,000 or any family under $24,000; keeps $1,000 in EIC.

You can read the full plan as presented by the White House and congressional leadership here

What is clear in the president's approach -- which indeed appears to be picking up bi-partisan support -- is that this is no mere tax cut for the rich or well-to-do.  Not only is this a tax cut for the working class, the Trump tax reform plan takes the boot of the federal government off of the throats of America's small and expanding businesses and gives them the maximum opportunity not only to succeed, but to create better paying jobs for America's working families.

While the Trump tax reform schematic may not strike as hard as the Growth Code, one can instantly see that the spirit and direction of American Opportunity's Growth Code is indeed being captured and championed by the Trump administration -- and I am personally pleased to see our ideas finally being given a hearing and a voice within the new Trump administration.

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Today's news that 2Q GDP would be revised upwards to 3.1% is welcome news indeed -- the first green shoots of a true economic recovery.  

However, much of this recovery could remain perilous at best, not only in the short-term recovery after Hurricane Harvy and Hurricane Irma but in the long run vis a vis the success of the Trump tax reform schematic and our ability to secure the homeland for the next 20 years.

When we talk about infrastructure, we often think of roads and towers, rails and pipelines.  Yet human infrastructure is every bit as critical to our national security as any other facet of it, and "hardening" this vital and important part of our infrastructure against security threats is an critical and necessary role for the national government.

Drug addiction in this nation and the routes by which America's enemies seek to infiltrate our schools and communities deserves the immediate attention of policy makers in Washington.  

To date, we are left with the old tools of interdiction and interception forged during the 1990s.  As the War on Terrorism gathered the resources and attention of the federal government these last 15 years, the cartels in northern Mexico became more sophisitcated and deadly.  As marijuana decriminalization has lowered the price on the street and increased the quality of THC, the Mexican cartels switched to a more potent alternative -- heroin.

This epidemic combined with the rising opioid epidemic from overprescription has combined with an economic malaise... and the results are tragic indeed. 

Death from overdoses, especially in the black community, firearm deaths, over 500 in Chicago this year as gangs fight over drug turfs -- a loss of American life more deadly from year to year than our warfighters faced in places such as Iraq or Afghanistan.

At some point, the national security concerns over the "drug war" have to be addressed.  We cannot allow the status quo to continue, nor can we blithely ignore the human costs of legalization and decriminalization without assessing the very serious social costs.  

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