Why window dressing on tax reform is no substitute for the real thing, the danger of heroin trafficking to homeland security... and MORE!
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A/O Global Intelligence Weekly: Tax Reform and Drug Trafficking
Tax reform is on the table right now.  The President is campaigning for tax reform and the "Big Six" -- Senators McConnell, Hatch, Speaker Ryan and Congressman Brady, Treasury Secretary Mnuchin and Presidential economic advisor Gary Cohn -- are trying to reach agreement on a tax cut proposal.  

We at American Opportunity have been speaking out for tax reform for seven years.  Our "Growth Code" is such a proposal.  The concern at the moment is a rush to pass a bill in order to earn a quick a legislative achievement.  Tax reform has to be for a purpose: to spur growth in the economy by encouraging investment.  If the tax "reform" doesn't spur investment, the tax reform may very well end up being pointless window dressing.  

We certainly support tax cuts, especially for the struggling middle class.  Conversations with Democrats seem to be centered in trying to keep the rates high or higher for "the rich".  I hold no brief for "the rich", but we must do a reform that encourages business to expand and hire more people, and make it necessary to pay higher wages.  This must be the objective, and it cannot be derailed by the political left, or by an artificial time pressure. 

One example is the discussion over business expensing, or being able to write their investment off their taxes.  This encourages growth, but is something that the "Big Six" may not adopt.  Sure it costs money, but building up investment and growth is the only way to recapture the cuts while providing better jobs and wages for everyone.  

Activity is no substitute for true reform.  It's not merely "getting something done" that counts but WHAT ACTUALLY GETS DONE! 

The national goal is not tax reformm but growth and spurring the investment to get growth. Anything else is the definition of failure.

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From 1998 and 2002 I was chairman of the Congressional Advisory Panel on Terrorism and Homeland Security.   The time has come to add drug addiction to the definition of threats to the homeland.  

Heroin kills.  Overdose deaths have quadrupled in the U.S. since 2010, and heroin overdose is the #1 cause of death in my home state of Virginia. 1,133 Virginians died from heroin and prescription opioid overdoses in 2016. I know from experience that drug overdose has become a major challenge in New England as young people are dying in droves from drug overdoses. 

Enemies of this country are attacking our citizens, especially our youth, by transporting and selling heroin in our country.  Between 2000 and 2008 nearly 500 kilograms of heroin was interdicted at our southwest border.  In 2013 alone the interdiction was 2,196 kilograms. 

Those who transport heroin into our country are attacking our country and are guilty of committing murder for profit.  Americans who sell heroin are not just criminals, they are traitors. The truth is that we cannot victimize an entire generation and tackle the problem of national security for the battle ahead.

Efforts are underway to redefine this problem as an epidemic, as if heroin trafficking was something that just happens without accountability.  We spend money while the dealers laugh all the way to the morgue -- someone else's morgue. 

The victims of this heroin trade need treatment; drug dealers need to go away -- permanently.  More to follow on homeland security.

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