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American Opportunity will create and promote innovative policy solutions that address the issues facing America’s cities. Conservatives cannot be real problem solvers if they ignore the challenges faced by our citizens living in the cities today. Almost 80% of Americans now live in urban areas and liberal policies are bankrupting their communities. American Opportunity is making a difference by addressing the real problems of city residents: Jobs, education, public safety, and mobility.

Liberals offer only band-aids to the problems of urban America. They believe that the welfare of urban residents start and stop with benefit programs. This does not advance the lives of Americans but simply keeps them in place. Public benefits address emergency needs, but do not offer real hope for a better life. American Opportunity must include such hope, and point the way. No one is proposing to cut off subsistence benefits of city dwellers, but the correct approach is to promote jobs and the basic tools with which a city’s residents can advance their standard of living, and have hope for real advancement in the future for themselves and their families. Working with community leaders to bring conservative solutions to the issues facing their communities will advance the short and long term prospects of success.

We will be discussing conservative solutions to core urban issues such as transit, education, city services, public safety and pension reform. Conservative solutions can prevent the next American city from going bankrupt and indeed can also bring those bankrupt cities back.
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