Our 2017 Transportation Paper: A Synthesis of 20 Years of Conservative Thought

American Opportunity Foundation was founded in 1977 as the Free Congress Foundation (FCF) under the leadership of Paul Weyrich, who served as President until his death in 2008. Under Mr. Weyrich’s leadership, the Foundation established itself as the premier Conservative voice and expertise on transportation and public transit issues. 

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Prior to founding FCF, Mr. Weyrich, a long-standing advocate for Conservative ideals, also co-founded the Heritage Foundation, Coalitions for America, and other conservative organizations. In 2010, former Virginia Governor Jim Gilmore assumed the Presidency of Free Congress Foundation. Under Governor Gilmore’s leadership, FCF, now renamed as American Opportunity Foundation (AO), has continued to examine public transportation and transit issues from a Conservative viewpoint. With the expertise of some of the most distinguished policy leaders in the transportation field, American Opportunity authored sixteen transportation policy papers, representing the largest body of conservative research on transportation issues to date. Each paper was prepared for the American Public Transportation Association, and presented by its author annually at a Congressional briefing on Capitol Hill.

In February 2017, President Trump announced plans to invest over $1 trillion to rebuild and revitalize the critical infrastructure of the United States. Transportation Secretary Chao further announced a task force to work closely with the White House in crafting an infrastructure revitalization plan. As President Trump’s infrastructure plan is introduced and debated, American Opportunity Foundation presents our research as a resource to enhance the debate with sound Conservative thought on key infrastructure issues.

This document serves as a brief synthesis highlighting just a few of the key themes of American Opportunity public transportation research and an introduction of our new Transportation Resource Library, available online at www.AmericanOpportunity.org. We encourage our reader to visit our full collection of transit research for a deeper understanding of issues summarized in this document.

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 Source: American Opportunity
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